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Venture Capital Strategy: How to Think Like a Venture Capitalist
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 by Sarah Igoe, MD; Dartmouth Tuck
This should be the first book you read about venture capital.

Patrick Vernon’s book and the VC Razor framework were what finally taught me how to think like a VC. My experience with classroom-based education on alternative investments had left me ready to concede that VC Strategy might just be one of those skills too nebulous and intuitive to teach, like whistling or wiggling your ears. Elegant in its simplicity, the VC Razor framework was at once a summary of and a roadmap for what I would go on to learn in depth from the book, and what would ultimately inform my approach to evaluating investment opportunities for years to come. Each chapter skillfully demystifies yet another crucial VC concept that I’d previously felt incapable of grasping, from the most prohibitively sophisticated-looking calculations to the vague and nebulous buzzwords so intangible as to evidently have become exempt from formal explanation.  He was clearly very deliberate with each decision to either expand or contract a concept or calculation, shaving down anything whose complexity outweighs its relevance and adding colorful detail to concepts that are easier to understand with proper concept. Amazingly, each chapter seems to go into as much depth as is needed to establish the exact level of competency required in VC, no more, no less. To this day I regularly turn to the VC Razor as an anchor to the fundamentals when something at work has me feeling directionless or stuck at a standstill. This should be the first book you read if you want to learn about venture capital.

 by Alex Viviano
Everything in one place - highly recommend

There is no shortage of Youtube videos and blog posts with information on Venture Capital, but I found it hard to piece them all together. This book is comprehensive, accurate, and uses concise explanations and analogies. While the author is from academia, the book avoids the usual trappings of overly theoretical explanations. The chapters are straight and to-the-point. After reading this, I have a clear picture of the industry, and actionable frameworks to use in upcoming interviews.

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 by HJ
Great intro to the VC world

I had Patrick for a VC course, and learned a ton! This book was a great primer to the topic of Venture Capital.

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 by JClarke
Informative book - valuable review of an important topic

As an angel investor, mentor, advisor and educator I found Patrick's book to be valuable. He lays out important concepts and insights in an easy to understand and digest form. As he clearly articulates in the book, the way that venture capitalists think is valuable to anyone in business. I would recommend the book if you are contemplating starting, joining or investing in a high growth startup, or simply interested in learning more about entrepreneurship. I would also recommend the book to anyone interested in business.

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 by RAO
Excellent Introduction to Venture Capital - Highly Recommend

Professor Vernon does an exceptional job presenting the many interlocking concepts that drive how and why VCs evaluate and invest in companies. What makes this such a great value to readers is how succinctly, and clearly, Professor Vernon explains each concept, together with the key motivations driving each concept in the minds of VCs. Very few authors could tackle the range of topics covered by VC Strategy in 270 pages. If you want to quickly get up to speed on how VCs think about the world and why, you can't find a better resource than this.

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 by gls
Excellent read for entrepreneurs and financiers!

Professor Vernon has done a great job effectively summarizing very complex concepts. A must read for people interested in VC and entrepreneurship.

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