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An approachable and comprehensive “intro to VC” book for anyone raising or learning about venture capital. 

“There is no shortage of YouTube videos and blog posts with information on Venture Capital, but I found it hard to piece them all together. This book is comprehensive, accurate, and uses concise explanations and analogies.”   -Alex V. on Amazon

Covered in this venture capital book:

  • A deep dive including myth-busting about what VCs actually do (The VC Job Cycle
  • How venture capital differs from other forms of startup financing (What is Venture Capital?)
  • What VC’s are looking for in a startup (VC Razor, a due diligence framework)
  • How the sharks on TV’s Shark Tank are ruining venture capital (VC Job: Invest)
  • The top two terms on any term sheet (VC Job: Invest)
  • How VCs “work the bullpen” like music industry executives (VC Job: Grow)

Quotes about Venture Capital Strategy

  • “This book was a great primer to the topic of Venture Capital.”
  • “What makes this such a great value to readers is how succinctly, and clearly, Professor Vernon explains each concept.”
  • “If you want to quickly get up to speed on how VCs think about the world and why, you can’t find a better resource than this.”
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