A Venture Capital Book for Everyone

With a focus on STRATEGY rather than FINANCE.


“What makes this such a great value to readers is how succinctly, and clearly, Professor Vernon explains each concept.”


"A close reading of Venture Capital Strategy will give even the first-time entrepreneur the tools they need to effectively seek and structure a financing round."

Young Investors

"There is no shortage of YouTube videos and blog posts with information on Venture Capital, but I found it hard to piece them all together. This book is comprehensive, accurate, and uses concise explanations and analogies."

“This book is always on top of my recommendations for our newly hired analysts.” - Silicon Valley VC

People are saying...

Jason Mendelson

Jason Mendelson

Co-Author of Venture Deals

"Patrick brings an educator's perspective and an entertainer's sensibilities to his overview of venture capital."

Jerome Engel

Jerome Engel

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

"Well organized, clearly articulated, this volume spans the gamut from beginner's overview to expert's guidebook."

Theresa Sedlack

Theresa Sedlack

Miami University

"Providing exposure to venture investing is really hard. I love Venture Capital Strategy because it weaves together a narrative around concepts and helps readers move from one area of analysis to another in an enjoyable manner."