An approachable and comprehensive “intro to VC” book that treats venture capital as a topic of strategy rather than finance.  

Written from the perspective of a performer turned educator, distilling hundreds of lessons from VCs, founders and LPs, VC Strategy: How to Think Like a VC  is written for anyone raising or learning about venture capital.

“There is no shortage of Youtube videos and blog posts with information on Venture Capital, but I found it hard to piece them all together. This book is comprehensive, accurate, and uses concise explanations and analogies.”   -Alex V. on Amazon

VC Strategy has been adopted as a textbook at universities from the east coast all the way to Hawaii, often incorporated into entrepreneurial finance and private equity courses. The book teaches founders the key issues for negotiating a VC deal. Many student teams utilize the book to prepare for VCIC (the Venture Capital Investment Competition).

Covered in this venture capital book:

  • A deep dive including myth-busting about what VCs actually do (The VC Job Cycle
  • How venture capital differs from other forms of startup financing (What is Venture Capital?)
  • What VC’s are looking for in a startup (VC Razor, a due diligence framework)
  • How the sharks on TV’s Shark Tank are ruining venture capital (VC Job: Invest)
  • The top two terms on any term sheet (VC Job: Invest)
  • How VCs “work the bullpen” like music industry executives (VC Job: Grow)

Quotes about Venture Capital Strategy

  • “This book was a great primer to the topic of Venture Capital.”
  • “This book is comprehensive, accurate, and uses concise explanations and analogies.”
  • “What makes this such a great value to readers is how succinctly, and clearly, Professor Vernon explains each concept.”
  • “If you want to quickly get up to speed on how VCs think about the world and why, you can’t find a better resource than this.”
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